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Tips to Win Big in XE88

Tips to Win Big in XE88

Tips to Win Big in XE88 Slot

In order to attract new players and keep their existing ones satisfied, several online casinos offer deals and promotions. This is no different from what at the excellent XE88 Casino you might expect. Match deposit bonuses, refer-a-friend bonuses, and cashback bonuses can be found that will give you a portion of any returned accumulated losses. You will also be able to take advantage of an affiliate offer where you can claim 40 per cent of the online casino losses made by any referred players.
It is important to note that of those excellent XE88 slot bonus codes on offer, you can only choose one to use for each deposit made. Take a quick look at some of the XE88 slot incentives on offer in our short summary so that you can have an idea of which ones you may want to choose.

It is also very easy to familiarise yourself with it, particularly though you are not very experienced with slot machines. It is also possible to get a large payment by reaching a jackpot or super bonus in XE88 slot with a limited amount of wagers. The payment rate will go up to several thousand, making it one of the market’s best online slots. And that’s why you see that many professional gamblers have started putting their bets in XE88 slot more.

Here in the Online Slot Game Malaysia, we have been receiving questions regarding strategies on how to win XE88. As a response, we approached some well-known figures in XE88 slot to question their tactics and tricks.

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XE88 Winning Tips

In the gambling community, how to win XE88 is widely debated. Tips on how to win XE88 are a set of moves and tactics that can be taken by bettors to maximise the chances of taking real hard cash around, like many other online slots. If you really look into it, the playing style of XE88 is very familiar to other online slots, with hundreds of slot games in it.

To be truth, XE88 winning tactics are mostly kept hidden from the media as professional players are reluctant to disclose their insights and techniques. We had the privilege of meeting one of the most popular pro-players in the gambling arena, though, and we gathered a list of tactics and tips that may be helpful for readers to increase their winning chances.

First and foremost, most people know that XE88 provides hundreds of online slot machines, but they mostly did not understand that different win-rates are available for each slot in XE88. Therefore, betting on these kinds of slots is always wise. Interestingly, some of the most common XE88 slot games are probably the best slot games. For starters, as compared to other XE88 slot games, Dolphin Reef gives gamblers a greater advantage.

Please do not stick to a few chosen slot machines stubbornly because the program could detect that individuals are taking advantage of it, and it would then adjust the win-rate to counter the problem.

For certain special slot machines, XE88 often likes to occasionally adjust the win-rate. In this scenario, it is not advised that you always play the game that you consider to be the best. Whenever you feel like the chance has been altered, please change the game accordingly. Just remember to play smart at all stages.

You need to bring in more time to outsmart them in order for you to win from online casinos. Opportunities are often like those who have invested more effort into them. How much money you’re going to make in the gaming arena would depend on how much time you are able to invest.

Niu Niu (BullFight) Quick Guide (2020)

Niu Niu (BullFight) Quick Guide (2020)

Niu Niu (Bull Fight) Quick Guide (2020)

What is Niu Niu?

Bull Bull, aka Bullfight or Niu Niu is an easy card game often described as a Chinese version of Poker and played on live dealer lobbies in online casinos that usually target Asian market. The game is played with 6 standard card decks and the players are competing against the dealer instead of each other.

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Niu Niu Rules

Each of the Niu Niu rounds will begin when the dealer pulls the first card from the shoe and shows it to the players at the table. This card will decide the order in which the other cards will be played, and the dealer will then draw five additional cards each for the player 1-2-3 and the banker 1-2-3. Before all of this is finished, bets are already made on one of the two side bet options which are Equal and Double.

When all the cards have been dealt, the dealer will show the cards in the same order that they have been dealt, and the hands will be compared and ranked. The bet with the top-rated hand wins and earns a settlement depending on the payout table. Some models would allow the dealer to draw cards face up, while dealing cards face down is a much more common approach, bringing to the game an element of surprise and excitement.

Niu Niu Hand Ranking

Once dealt, the 5-card hand is split in two halves, a set if three and a set of two cards. The set of three cards is added up to the total of 10; if the total of the second 2-card set in combination with the 3-card set exceeds 10, the total is determined by deducting 10 from the final score. Whatever remains will be compared to the Banker hand.

The bets are paid in accordance to the Niu Niu payout table and the rank of the 5 card combination. The lowest ranking hand is the one that cannot be added for the total of 10 and this type of hand is called No Bull:

10 + 9 + 8 + 4 +4

Bull 1 is a combo of 3 cards that can be added for the total of 10, along with 2 cards adding to 11 or 1:
Q + 9 + A + 8 + 3

Bull 2 is a hand with 3 cards adding up to 10 and 2 cards adding up to the total of 2 or 12:
Q + 9 + A + 2 + 10

Bull 3 is a sequence with the 3-card split totaling to 10, whereas the rest of the cards add up to 13 or 3:
J + 8 + 2 + 8 + 5

Bull 4 occurs when 3 cards add up to 10 while the 2 additional cards result in either 4 or 14:
10 +10 +10 +9 + 5

Bull 5 happens with 3 cards adding to 10 and 2 cards result in 5 or 15:
K + 8 + 2 + 9 + 6

Bull 6 is a hand with 3 cards that result in the total of 10 and two remaining cards give the total of 6 or 16:
10 + 6 + 4 + 9 + 7

Bull 7 is the name of the hand with 3 cards adding to 10 and 2 cards giving the total of 7 or 17:
K + 7 + 3 + 9 + 8

With Bull 8, two of the cards will total 8 or 18 while Bull 9 combines 3 cards totaling in 10 and two cards that add up to 9 or 19:
Bull 8: K + Q + J + 7 + A
Bull 9: 7 + A + 2 + 3 + 6

Bull Bull is right next to the highest ranking hand in this game and it consists out of 3 cards with the total of 10 and 2 cards with the total of 10 or 20:
K + Q + 10 + 9 + A

Finally, 5 Gong is a hand made entirely out of face cards, Kings, Queens and Jack:
K + K + Q + J + J


The Order of Dealing

Head card: The Dealer(Banker) will flip over the head card at the beginning of each card game and choose to open the head card on the basis of the points (counting clockwise from the direction of the Banker). Depending on the size of the header card (A=1 point, from 2 to K are equal to 2 to 13 points, respectively), 4 points are separated by the remaining points.

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How to win the bet?

In Bull Fight, Dealer will determine on the order for five cards to be dealt according to the head card for “Banker,” “Player 1,” “Player 2,” “Player 3.” Players will bet on 1 to 3 plays by making a flat or double-up bet. When the size of the poker hand list of players bet is higher than the banker, the player wins the game.

Flat betting: Players and banker bet for a flatting bet, the payoff would be determined on the basis of the flat betting chances without being influenced by the list of poker hands.

Double-up betting: Player and banker play double-up bets, the payoff will be based on double-up bets and the winner’s list of poker cards.


Niu Niu Payouts

Both of the Player and Banker have different winning and losing odds, the payout rates are as shown in the table below:

Player and Banker Winning Odds Player and Banker Losing Odds
Hand Double  Equal  Hand Double  Equal
5 gong 1 : 4.75 1 : 0.95 5 gong 1 : 5 1 : 1
Bull Bull 1 : 2.85 1 : 0.95 Bull Bull 1 : 3 1 : 1
Bull 9 1 : 1.90 1 : 0.95 Bull 9 1 : 2 1 : 1
Bull 7 1 : 0.95 1 : 0.95 Bull 7 1 : 1  1 : 1


Now let’s visit the Best Online Live Casino Malaysia to start your Bullfight adventure!

Quick Guide to Play Live Dragon Tiger (2020)

Quick Guide to Play Live Dragon Tiger (2020)

Quick Guide to Play Live Dragon Tiger (2020)

The Dragon Tiger game is originally created in Cambodia and was played by Asian players at live casinos. Nevertheless, the game can be played at online casinos, allowing every player a chance to experience it out. The game of the Dragon Tiger has a special similarity to Baccarat, as the player does not play against the dealer, but instead chooses a hand to bet on. The game consists of decks ranging from 6 to 8 and has one card opposed to either the Tiger or the Dragon with no extra card used.

In the game, the player puts a bet on either the Dragon or the Tiger. The dealer would show the two cards with the highest card to earn it all. The key rule here is that all Aces are known to be low cards. If both hands have the same value card, the game will become a draw and the house will be awarded half the bet reward. For Dragon Tiger, the playing method is simple as no rules are needed. Players are only going to make a guess on a hand and put their bet there. Now take a look at our tips on how to play live Dragon Tiger.


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Tips on How to Play and Win in Dragon Tiger

In Dragon Tiger, you have four options to put your bets. The simplest of the four is the Dragon and the Tiger, which means that you only choose a hand that you believe would most possibly get the higher card. Placing your bet on either the Dragon or the Tiger spots would cost you 1:1 and have a house advantage of 3.73 per cent. This means that if you put your bets on the right hand, you will pay the same price as your bet.

Tie and Suited Tie are the other betting options. You can wager a bet on this spot if you believe the cards you draw will reveal the same values. The Tie bet will earn you an 8:1 payoff if you manage to make a good guess. It has a house edge of 32.77 per cent. The other variant is the Suit Tie where you will bet that both sides have cards of the same suit. This bet will earn you a 50:1 payoff if you are able to correctly forecast the result.

The rounds for each game will last at least 30 seconds. As this is a fast-rhythm game, you’ll find that casinos have coloured lights as visual indicators that tell you how much time you’ve left to play. Having a green light tells you that you have plenty of time to make your bets. When you see a yellow light, it means that you don’t have much time left. Red light means that you are no longer put a bet on the round. It just like the usual traffic lights.

The nature of the game does not have a practical way for you to devise tactics. However, there are several players who are betting on the last winning card, expecting the likelihood of catching a streak card. You can watch any side of the cards that will occur and there are only 4 potential outcomes.

The wise option for you to bet on is either the Dragon or the Tiger place. They have a more favorable house advantage of 3.73 per relative to the other two betting choices. You’d be at a disadvantage because Ties and Suit Ties will seldom happen.
Live Dragon Tiger is an exciting game with satisfying and quick gameplay. Each round lasts from 25 seconds to 30 seconds. The unique and enthralling game is quick to grasp that it’s easy to pick it up. There are several good reasons that will bring your attention once you started to play this game. Visit Online Live Casino Malaysia now and try your luck in this awesome game.

Best Live Casino Providers in Malaysia

Best Live Casino Providers in Malaysia

Best Live Casino Providers in Malaysia

“Live casino” alludes to an alternate part of an online casino. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need a live casino to be appraised, at that point you need to take a gander at the general online casino. In our surveys, you will initially get familiar with about the foundation and notoriety of our gaming industry. With 17 years of involvement, AFBcash online casino can present to you an entire encounter of playing your number one casino games in the solace of your home. We have a wide assortment of wagering games which incorporate live vendor casino with lobby view, excellent Asian dealers, Live Baccarat, Live Sic Bo, Live Dragon Tiger, Live Niu Niu and Live Roulette.


Mainstream Games in Live Casino Malaysia



Baccarat games have three potential outcomes; the player can win, the investor can win, or there can be a tie between both. Accordingly, players can wager on these three outcomes, including the one where you lose and the banker wins.  Baccarat is a game that depends vigorously on likelihood, likewise with most online casino games, however having a strategy makes a difference.

In Online Live Casino Malaysia, the game as a rule begins with the seller giving every player and the investor himself with a couple of face-up cards. The qualities on the cards are recorded, with their qualities costing numerated cards and 10 and face cards demonstrating zero focuses.

The Ace is the most reduced scoring card at a solitary point and the greatest is 9 focuses, so any all-out an incentive over that should be deducted by a base of 10. For instance, you can without much of a stretch notification when you practice this game if your cards are 6 and 8, which have a whole of 14, this number should be deducted by 10 and this gives you an ultimate result of 4.


BullFight (Niu Niu)

Bullfight or Niu Niu is a basic game regularly known as a Chinese adaptation of Poker and played on live vendor tables in online casinos that change or center their proposal in the Asian market. The game is played with 6 standard card decks and the players are going up against the casino rather than one another.

The game comprises of 52 cards of an ordinary deck (excluding jokers). Each game will manage five playing a game of cards to every Player. In a match, players are needed to develop a lot of three playing a card game (“Draw”) and the staying two playing a game of cards (“Spot Card”) will be the size of your bull. The complete estimation of Draw will be 10 or a numerous of 10. The parity of the Spot Card will be the size of the Bull of the Player, regardless of whether the measure of the Bull of the Player is more noteworthy than 10, it will initially be short by 10. From that point forward, players will contrast the bull size and Banker.

Dragon Tiger

Mythical serpent Tiger decides to win or lose by contrasting the size of card rather than its suit. K (King) is the greatest, while A (Ace) is the base. Essentially, the game offers eight cards, and players can wager on Dragon, Tiger, Tie, Dragon odd, Dragon even, Tiger odd, Tiger even, Dragon red, Dragon dark, Tiger red, just as Tiger dark. Every entryway just sends a card to the groups to analyze which one is bigger.


Live Roulette

In live roulette, you can wager on a solitary number or on various gatherings of numbers. There is a great deal of wagering varieties that offer you diverse winning possibilities and distinctive payouts. As by and large, the more numbers you wager on, the higher your chances of winning, and in this manner the more modest the payouts that the game offers. Other than that, realizing how does roulette works, you should realize that all roulette wagers are partitioned into three fundamental classifications: inside, outside and reported wagers.

The initial two classifications are the fundamental ones that all roulette games offer and that you should know back to front, while the third is more advanced and just accessible in select variations of roulette. Presently we should begin with the fundamental roulette wagers in AFBCash Online Casino!

Football Betting Tricks (2020)

Football Betting Tricks (2020)

Football Betting Tricks (2020)

If you love watching football all the time, then it would be good news that you have come to the right site and it’s time to turn your passion into a lucrative side business that makes money.

First of all, winning at football betting is all about knowing the winning odds better than the bookmakers. To do that, the key factors that improve the probability of winning is to get a better knowledge of the sport and how to transform the odds to have a deeper understanding of the sport and how to convert the chances to achieve accurate probabilities.

So, how would you make the most out of your bets? Don’t worry! We have provided you with some useful football betting tricks to increase your chances of winning.

Online football betting malaysia

Understand Football Game

Before you start to play football betting, you need to really understand football game first. Simply put, you’re not going to visit a computer store without finding out about it and telling them to sell the most powerful one you’ve got. If you do so, there’s a high chance to trick you.

First and foremost, you need to visit several blogs, read different magazines, and get testimonials about the one you purchase by word-of-mouth. You’re going to be familiar with it in every possible way. When comes to football, it’s the same. This ensures that you can collect all the necessary information that will be made available to you. With this, winning the game is higher than ever before. You should predict what’s going on and what the party can do or not.

In addition, find out about numerous wagers. Selecting the most effective bet like AFB 88 and AFB 1188 might end up in obtaining even more money than expected.


Determine The Best Odds

Knowing the value of odds is the only way to win in football bets. It’s a realistic way to make money on a daily and natural basis. If you don’t care about the worth, there would be zero chances to win a video game. Hence, you need to whether the bet has a positive or negative impact.

You may not win the video game all the time even if you fully understand the most effective probabilities, but the most effective outcomes are possible. It’s really easy to discover the best probabilities for your football bets, just register with betting websites that offer the most chance and win the game.


Profit Is Profit, No Matter How Small

It’s not wise that some bettors are desperately going for life-changing victories every single day. They position a small amount of money expects large returns from it. However, the odds of winning in such circumstances are small.

Even if the money involved seems little, it could be a lot of money when accrued over a longer period of time. Thus, always remember to aim to make profits even though the profit is small.


Don’t Proceed After Losses

The main misstep a gamer makes is to chase loses as well as eventually, not win a soccer bet. This is a simple phenomenon that any casual or expert bettor is playing to win a bet. If not, prolonged frustration and distress or frustration may arise. In fact, if you want to win the game, you can’t get upset about the outcome of the game and easily throw the bank on others as well.

This will undoubtedly lead to another failure as well as you will probably repeat the loops before you finished up your bankrolls. It is important that you need to know when you’re going to play and quit betting as well as being loose. Accepting failure can be as simple as it can be quickly disposed of sometimes. Hence,  it would be wise to set up a schedule and also the amount of bets you put over a week and keep on track.

Online Slot Hacks for 2020

Online Slot Hacks for 2020

Online Slot Hacks for 2020

Every day, millions of individuals play online slot games across the world and online. Slot games are currently one of the most common methods of gaming, and there are wide variety types of slot games available online. In this article, we’ll cover some useful Slot Game Hacks that will help you while playing

Sadly, this popularity is definitely not a clear indicator of the benefit that you will get from playing slots. The odds are stacked heavily against you, and in the long term, you’re not going to be able to win money or even come any close. Although it is challenging to win money, we have prepared some tips and guidelines for you to enjoy playing this game and even win BIG.

online slot game

Extend Your Session

Slots are designed to make a play as fast as possible, so why don’t you take your time to manually spin it instead of auto-spinning it. If you’re planning to have a slots session, you should consider slowing down your spinning to prevent losing money over time.

In fact, you should take your time in spinning and let the machine fully spin itself rather than auto-stopping it. With this slot hacks strategy, you’ll eventually extend your session and get your earnings without losing too much money.

Don’t Play Like You Are in Casino

Casinos are set to bait you to become a mindless zombie while playing slot games and you will keep spinning aggressively you finished all your money. ATMs are placed as near as possible as they want you to withdraw your money and mindlessly continue play slots again until you leave the casino without earning any money.

Just because you play slots online doesn’t mean you have to play it like you are in the casino. If you play online slot instead of playing in a physical casino, try to make yourself to do other things while you are spinning slots. You can actually grab a book while playing or watch a movie in between spins or catch up on your paperwork.


Determine your Expected Loss Rate

If you know the probability of slot a machine offers you can actually predict your expected loss rate per hour. First of all, you need to calculate how many spins you have done in an hour and the amount you bet on each spin. Next, you need to multiply these two numbers and then times the payback percentage of the slot machine. Finally, minus the number from the total amount you bet and you will get your projected loss rate per hour.

If let says you take 100 spins per hour at $2 per spin and the payback is 90% you multiply 100 times $2 for a total amount bet per hour of $200. When you multiply $200 by 0.95 you will get a payback amount of $190. Next, subtract this from $200 and you will find out that your average loss rate is $20 per hour.


A Common Misconception

Slot machines will never let you earn too much. Cheating or hitting a big progressive jackpot is the best way to get a long-term advantage over the slot machines and stop playing so hard that you give it all up over time.
Here’s the problem with slot machine payback percentages. The manufacturers, the casinos, and the software developers would never disclose how much payback percentage is set. However, most slot machines have payback rates between 86% and 96%, but you will never know the specific range of the payback percentage.

Of course, playing an online slot game that offers the best payback percentage requires the best slot hacks. However, we would like to offer you the most fantastic payback rates that you had ever met. Just login to Online Slot Game Malaysia and start your wonderful slot spinning journey!

Trusted Online Football Betting Malaysia

Trusted Online Football Betting Malaysia

Trusted Online Football Betting Malaysia

Online Football Betting Malaysia

Sports Betting is usually described as the event of predicting sports results and placing a wager on the outcome. The term sports betting is actually quite indefinite, it covers a wide variety of events and it can be applied to any type of wager that related to sporting events like football, baseball, volleyball and etc. Among all the types of sports betting, fixed odds betting may be the most famous way to bet on sports.

In this article, we’ve provided you with the ultimate guide for Online Football Betting Malaysia. We start with a brief explanation of point spread or handicap: the king in football betting. Then we move on to money lines that allow you to pick a team to win straight-up without any point spread. After that, we move on to parlays: the act of grouping together two or more picks into one single bet. Lastly, we will discuss teasers and pleasers which are quite similar to parlays and accumulators that you’ll make multiple selections as part of your bet.

Points Spread/ Handicap

Unlike most sportsbook on which money lines are the most famous betting method, point spread bets are considered the king in football which is commonly played in the United States. Another similar kind of bet is known as handicap betting, they are often applied in Europe and other places around the world. The core idea of these two wager types is the same. It all starts with forecasting which football team is likely to win the match. Once they have decided, they will then appoint a number of points they believe that the chosen team will win the match.

Here’s a quick example to help you visualize this in Online Football Betting Malaysia: in an upcoming match with Selangor FA and Kedah FA, a sportsbook has posted a point spread of 5 points in favour of Selangor. For instance, that demonstrates that the sportsbook expects Selangor FA to win by that many points.

You have to choose if you think the sportsbook is high or low if you were placing point spread wager on this game. If you think that Selangor FA will win the game by at least five points or more, you will bet on Selangor. However, if you believe that Kedah has the chance to win the match or lose by 4 points or less, then you will wager on Kedah. In order to win the bet type, you’ll have to wisely select from one of the two options above.

Money Lines

Although point spread betting is more common, money lines are still possible (or simply wagering on team to win outright). In Online Football Betting Malaysia, money lines are most common in games with small spreads and among underdog bettors. When you make a money line bet, you are picking a football team to win straight-up without any point spread. The risk involved is the money you have to wager if you want the underdog to choose the favourite verse, the money you stand to make. 

Bettors who believe their underdog has higher chance of winning directly may prefer to give up the points in exchange for better payoff on winning. In games with spreads of 3.0 or less, underdog bettors frequently believe that they are better off getting the better payoff because they do not earn many points. On the other hand, favorite bettors sometimes willing to pay a little extra to bet their team on the money line to prevent a decisive win that fails to cover the spread. 


In Online Football Betting Malaysia, Parlay bets are known as the act of grouping together two or more picks into one single bet. As parlay is slightly complicated, it is not recommended for beginners. Based on the total number of picks you group together, the betting odds on a parlay payoff are adjusted accordingly. They normally start with a 13-to-5 return for a two-team parlay in your favour, and can go as high as 645-to-1 for a 10-team parlay.

Football parlays are incredibly common. Some bettors want to parlay low-scoring teams with the under or high-scoring teams with the semi-correlated parlays to earn a little more cash on their sides. When one of these “lottery jackpot” bets happens to hit, other bettors prefer to bet big 10 or 12 team parlays, betting a modest sum for potentially huge winnings.

Teasers and Pleasers 

A teaser bet is a variation on a parlay in that you are already grouping two or three picks together in a single bet, but in exchange for a lower overall payoff, you can now tweak the point spreads in your favour. If the sportsbook is offering a six-point teaser bet, then a 3.5-point underdog would now be getting to 9.5 points. The drawback to teasers is that they are still tough to target and using the adjusted betting lines, your total payoff is decreased by bit.

To gain a deeper understanding of these wager types, don’t miss out on the link below. Here, you will soak up more information about AFBcash Online Sportsbook.