Online Slot Hacks for 2020

Online Slot Hacks for 2020

Online Slot Hacks for 2020

Every day, millions of individuals play online slot games across the world and online. Slot games are currently one of the most common methods of gaming, and there are wide variety types of slot games available online. In this article, we’ll cover some useful Slot Game Hacks that will help you while playing

Sadly, this popularity is definitely not a clear indicator of the benefit that you will get from playing slots. The odds are stacked heavily against you, and in the long term, you’re not going to be able to win money or even come any close. Although it is challenging to win money, we have prepared some tips and guidelines for you to enjoy playing this game and even win BIG.

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Extend Your Session

Slots are designed to make a play as fast as possible, so why don’t you take your time to manually spin it instead of auto-spinning it. If you’re planning to have a slots session, you should consider slowing down your spinning to prevent losing money over time.

In fact, you should take your time in spinning and let the machine fully spin itself rather than auto-stopping it. With this slot hacks strategy, you’ll eventually extend your session and get your earnings without losing too much money.

Don’t Play Like You Are in Casino

Casinos are set to bait you to become a mindless zombie while playing slot games and you will keep spinning aggressively you finished all your money. ATMs are placed as near as possible as they want you to withdraw your money and mindlessly continue play slots again until you leave the casino without earning any money.

Just because you play slots online doesn’t mean you have to play it like you are in the casino. If you play online slot instead of playing in a physical casino, try to make yourself to do other things while you are spinning slots. You can actually grab a book while playing or watch a movie in between spins or catch up on your paperwork.


Determine your Expected Loss Rate

If you know the probability of slot a machine offers you can actually predict your expected loss rate per hour. First of all, you need to calculate how many spins you have done in an hour and the amount you bet on each spin. Next, you need to multiply these two numbers and then times the payback percentage of the slot machine. Finally, minus the number from the total amount you bet and you will get your projected loss rate per hour.

If let says you take 100 spins per hour at $2 per spin and the payback is 90% you multiply 100 times $2 for a total amount bet per hour of $200. When you multiply $200 by 0.95 you will get a payback amount of $190. Next, subtract this from $200 and you will find out that your average loss rate is $20 per hour.


A Common Misconception

Slot machines will never let you earn too much. Cheating or hitting a big progressive jackpot is the best way to get a long-term advantage over the slot machines and stop playing so hard that you give it all up over time.
Here’s the problem with slot machine payback percentages. The manufacturers, the casinos, and the software developers would never disclose how much payback percentage is set. However, most slot machines have payback rates between 86% and 96%, but you will never know the specific range of the payback percentage.

Of course, playing an online slot game that offers the best payback percentage requires the best slot hacks. However, we would like to offer you the most fantastic payback rates that you had ever met. Just login to Online Slot Game Malaysia and start your wonderful slot spinning journey!

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